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Puxxle – company based in Barcelona, Spain and produce Art Puzzle Wall Decals / Stickers. Two very talented sisters who were passionate by the Retro Pixel-Art and 8-bit gaming era, created a new brand Puxxle on “wall decals / stickers” market with there beautiful collection of Puzzle Wall Decals / Stickers, which can help you decorate your office, home or shop perhaps.


The collection of wall decals seems to be very young and included only 16 unique puzzles, also only half of them are colorful. I don’t mind about monotone and “black & white” decals, but personally I will be glad to see a bit more colorful items in collection.

Anyway, the Puxxle puzzle decals are awesome! I want one on my wall for sure. So dear Catarina and Luisa from Barcelona, please use your huge talent to create more colorful decals for us, for your funs! ;D


Price can be better, for example my favorite Alligator ( 22 x 13 in ) cost like real alligator – 30€ or 40$, which is pricy I think. For 40$ I could buy probably a Atari [40$] or NY by eBoy [50$] because it is bigger;D But I can understand why price is to high, because this brand is young and collection is not massive yet. I also hope that they will reduce prices in the near future, so we all can afford these grate wall decals!

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