100+ Pixel Vehicles by eBoy – High Resolution

We introducing NEW High Resolution

Pixelated Vehicles Collection!

Thanks eBoy for their awesome pixel-art, now we can enjoy the BIGGEST collection of Pixelated vehicles by eBoy ( zoomed by 8BitDecals ).

Originally all cars were small scale, really small, approximately 90×90 pixels, so you could not see how beautiful they can be if you zoom-zoom them a bit. I decide to spend a couple hours to fix this small issue and create the new zoomed-collection of eBoy vehicles for you guys. Look how they looks now. Enjoy!

More than 100 unique eBoy vehicles in this collection, including Mini Cooper, Hummer, limousine, NBC and CNN Vans, Burger Truck, Tokyo Taxi, U-HAUL trailer even DeLorean came back from the future to visit us again ;D

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