Wall decals and stickers from Stickaz

Stickaz – young but very successful company on a market of wall decals and stickers based in Paris, France.


Invader & Co

Stickaz has a huge collection all kinds of awesome classic 8-bit and Pixelated characters and models such as Mini Heroes, Invader, City, Icons, Mario and many more. Check entire collection here.


Super heroes by Marius

Special Artistickaz Stickers Collection of your favorite Marvel Comics characters such as Spiderman, Batman, Ironman, Superman, Captain America, Monsters, Cats and also Official collection from Urban Rivals. Check entire collection here.


Other 2000 unique decals models and characters already generated by Stickaz members and funs! This is whole world, army of puzzle pixelated stickers :D Check it here.

STUDIO Stickaz

The most exciting thing about Stickaz is that you can make your own design decals with any scale from small to gigantic size, use your imagination, talent and freedom to create most exciting decals for your home, office or even laptop!


Price is very flexible (from $7 up to $600) and based on the scale of your decals. Free shipping if your order over $45.00. Some times they have pretty good discounts and sales.

Pros: Huge selection, Friendly price, Flexibility

Cons: Colors can be a bit brighter

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