Create eBoy stickers in Stickaz Studio

Creating eBoy stickers in Stickaz Studio.

My favorite pixel-art is eBoy but stickers and decals unfortunately doesn’t exist on a market and nothing you can do with it… Hold on! Now you can – Stickaz Studio!


Step 1: Go to Stickaz Studio

Step 2: Import your favorite illustration*, for example eBoy Cars of eBoy Characters

Step 3: Voilayour puzzle stickers are ready for purchase!


*NOTES: To Import eBoy Cars of eBoy Characters I recommended you to use original small scale size.

Original size available for download > eBoy Vehicles and eBoy Characters.



Some samples I made in a couple min. You can see final results are very similar-looking. This is thumbnails, so to see how it really looks like visit Stickaz Studio!

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