CENTIPEDE in 8-BIT ~ RE-STIK – Wall Decals / Stickers

The Centipede was developed by Dona Bailey and Ed Logg in 1981. One interesting fact, Dona was one of the few female game developers at this time. Try to imagine that can you do with 97 beautiful 8-BIT wall decals / stickers!

All decals made with Blik Re-Stik™ vinyl and can be reusable. This is an official Atari licensed product.

About game

Centipede is a vertically-oriented shoot ’em up arcade game produced by Atari, Inc. in 1981. The game was designed by Ed Logg along with Dona Bailey, one of the few female game programmers in the industry at this time. It was also one of the first arcade coin-operated games to have a significant female player base, after Pac-Man. The player defends against swarms of insects, completing a round after eliminating the centipede that winds down the playing field.



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